Testimonials/Views from the experts!

Angelica Ramdhari:– CGI- U Mentor.

“Kamlesh’s commitment addresses a serious issue- the global reduction of plastic bag use. His proposal is an alternative that has the potential to make an incredible impact on the the domestic and global markets while changing the typical consumer mindset”.

Angelica Ramdhari’s Background :

Angelica is a dedicated patron to the environment, pursuing initiatives involving energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture and green technology. She attended the University of Florida and studied History, with an emphasis on Sustainability, Environmental Science, and Business Administration.

She has worked with various non-profits and businesses in the “Green” field doing energy efficiency/weatherization, reforestation/farming, and outreach campaigns.

Dr. Joseph L. Cavinato:

” This device will go far in reducing the amount of plastic bags that consume resources to produce and are becoming a major global pollution on both land and oceans.  Also an indispensable appliance “.

Joseph L. Cavinato’s Background: “Ph.d.”—–
He is also the executive director of the A.T. Kearney Center for Strategic Supply Leadership at ISM, the largest supply management association in the world.  He serves on the boards of directors of Ultra-Puro, S.A. (Mexico), freightPro (Kansas City), and the Södra Forestry Research Board (Sweden).  In addition to supply-chain management, Dr. Cavinato has extensive knowledge across a variety of interests: business models and channels, purchasing and supply, business futures, and, on a geographical/political scale, executive education consulting work that spans 35 countries on six continents.


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